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Construction Services
Pinnacle Custom Builders, Inc. is a residential and commercial construction firm committed to exceptional quality and total customer satisfaction. Each client benefits from a unique building program tailored to meet individual style, space, and budget needs. With more than twenty years of experience in residential and commercial construction, we offer comprehensive building services for projects ranging from renovations and additions to new custom homes and commercial buildings.

We provide basic design services for smaller projects, and collaborate with licensed architects and designers on larger projects. We can work with your architect or refer you to one from our own network of trusted, experienced firms.

Green Building

We have years of knowledge in Green Building, with experience building in both the EarthCraft Renovation and EarthCraft Home programs as well as LEED for Homes, Energy Star and Builders Challenge. We also have experience in building for disassembly, and many of the latest Green Building technologies in both materials and methods of construction. Let us bring this knowledge and experience to your project. Why Go Green? Learn More About Green Homes

Green Services

Increase the energy or water efficiency of your existing home. We can test your home and create a plan and budget that immediately pays you dividends in lower energy and water bills, while also making your home a healthier, more comfortable place for you and your family. Why Choose Green Services? Learn More About Green Homes

Insurance Repairs

We understand the daunting, often frustrating process that follows storms, fires, and other events that cause damage to homes and businesses. We offer complete repair services for insurance claims, and, as your contractor, we’ll work as an advocate for you, The Owner, throughout the claim and repair process.